4310 North High Street 
In Clintonville between 
​Cooke and Henderson


NOTE - ALL SHOWS ARE 15 and OVER:  Under 18? download and get your parental waiver signed - here (and bring with you)

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  • How does an escape room work?
    Most escape rooms operate in a similar manner - you are locked in a room, or trapped in a scenario from which you must look for clues and solve puzzles to "escape" in a pre-determined amount of time. Trapped has three different scenarios from which to choose, and we change out those escapes on a fairly regular basis (every three-five months), so you always have something new to try. Trapped however, is different in that we use actors, and our puzzles are not "linear". Look below for more information about each.

  • ​Do we have to have 10 people in order to participate in the game?
    No! We need only 4 to start a room. However, please be aware that any tickets you don't purchase remain available to the general public. If you don't want to share an experience with others outside your group, you have some options for a private show - click here to get more details.​

    Do you use actors in all your rooms?
    Yes. Unlike 90% of the world's escape rooms, we consider ourselves an interactive theater first, and all our concepts begin with a deep backstory characters and situation analysis, then puzzles... we believe this makes our experiences more immersive and realistic. Actors can keep the action moving without you having to beg a camera for a clue. Cameras and power point hints aren't very immersive.

    What are the puzzles in the room like?
    Unlike most, our escapes do not utilize "linear paths" or puzzles in which you must solve "x" to get to "y", then "y" to get to "z". We find these types of puzzles to be extremely frustrating and inconsistent with keeping multiple people engaged. Trapped develops it's puzzles using a multi-path system that requires that participants find and engage in several puzzle paths that lead to the final puzzle. This allows us to keep everyone engaged and interacting. When everyone's engaged, the escape is more exciting and WAY more fun!

Trapped Columbus is Central Ohio's only interactive theater specializing in escape games - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes. Locked in a room with a group of friends or strangers, Can you use your wits and your team's collective knowledge to escape?

1. Actors make the experience more immersive
2. We change our themes regularly, so you always have a new room to try!
3. Immersive experiences mean you don’t have to leave the scenario to beg a camera for clues!
4. Non-linear puzzle design means everyone participates

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