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4310 North High Street 
In Clintonville between 
​Cooke and Henderson



We all know how terribly ineffective typical team-building activities can be. Why not change all that with a Trapped event that keeps your team talking for days? Plan an event they’ll remember. Click below to explore options at our place or yours!


Need an special time? No problem - we’re very flexible in this regard and can usually accommodate any requested time. 
Trapped always has three escapes at our venue that change every few months, and the current experiences can be found on our website. Each has a different theme and each gets RAVE reviews from our corporate teams. 

We're the only escape room in Ohio to offer a mobile event. But, even better, we offer TWO different themes. Blown Away! and Sauced! are ONLY available as mobile packages. We bring all the props and locked boxes you'll need. We do all the set up, and our actors will be in attendance to make sure your team works together and moves toward their goal. 

NOTE - ALL SHOWS ARE 15 and OVER:  Under 18? download and get your parental waiver signed - here (and bring with you)

You've been hired by a master thief for one final, ultimate heist. You have a firm commitment of $110 million from an unnamed buyer if you can steal an ultra-rare diamond from a personal collection. You have 60 minutes to get in, get the diamond and get out. Can you do it before you get Pinched!?



On a mission to orbit and observe Mars, your ship has been sabotaged. Now you're on a collision course with the Red Planet. Can you override the system in time to fire the boosters and escape the martian atmosphere?

Trapped Columbus is Central Ohio's only interactive theater specializing in escape games - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes! Locked in a room with a group of friends and strangers, can you use your wits and your teams collective knowledge to escape? 

​In this fourth installment of Trapped's exclusive Infected! series. The infected are everywhere and as you rush through the woods you find yourself in an isolated, cabin in the woods. Who's inside? And more importantly, can they help...  you and the world?