On a mission to orbit and observe Mars, your ship has been sabotoged. Now you're on a collision course with the Red Planet. Can you override the system in time to fire the boosters and escape the martian atmosphere?



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​​​PINCHED 2! Revenge is Sweet

Your arch rival, the Phoenix has claimed the mantel as the world's best thief by besting you in your last heist. Can you reclaim the title with a daring heist from the Phoenix's personal collection?


OPENS 4/12/2017
TICKETS ON SALE in early February


Unlike others in the escape room world, we get bored easily. We switch our rooms very regularly - about every three to four months, which means - you've gotta keep up to see them all. So, below are the shows coming in the next few months. If you have questions, please email use at info@trappedcolumbus.com for more information.


It's 2024, ten full years after the outbreak, and you've found what appears to be an unlooted pharmaceutical laboratory in the hotzone. The lab may hold the pharmaceutical holy grail - the cure. The area around the lab is crawling with mutated and infected creatures, you have to get in, and get out before it's too late... for everyone.

OPENS 6/7/2017
TICKETS ON SALE in early May