On the final hike of the season, you and your fellow Happy Campers are on your way to Old Man Wilson’s cabin for a night of fun and ghost stories. However, when you arrive, you find out that Wilson wasn’t as crazy as they say and Bigfoot might be real. Now he’s missing, and Bigfoot is at the door. Can you escape?

Escape by WiTS, 2019  |  All Rights Reserved

The band manager for the rock group, Vitamin Decent, has awakened from a night of partying in a trashed hotel room missing memories and some crucial materials for the band's career-defining performance tonight! Can you help make them stars?

They always say “ignorance is bliss”, but Area 51 is not the only hidden 
government base... in fact it’s just a distraction. There's a cover up so much bigger and protected by 
radiation so strong as to boil your blood. Can you avoid being buried?


Trapped Columbus, presented by Escape by WiTS is the only Escape Room that specializes in interactive theater in Columbus - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes! Locked in a room with a group of friends and others, can you walk in someone else's shoes?  Think how they think, do what they do, and escape in time... or will you stay "Trapped"?  We offer mobile escapes for parties and team building exercises for the office too!

4310 North High Street 
In Clintonville between 
​Cooke and Henderson