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Brad hails from one of the two Virginia's, but which one it is doesn't matter. Being born in a Virginia has left Brad malformed so the only shoes that can fit his weird feet properly is moccasins, however where this would deter most people of their dreams, he chose not to let this hold him back and is pursuing his goal of being some kind of actor I guess. (Written by Vee)


Laurel - Laurel brings a great skill-set of acting to the team.  They are funny, sweet, kind and daring. In their spare time they like to listen to podcasts and work in theater. One of their favorite things to do is to solve logic puzzles. They’re also a proud parent of 3 kitty’s.  Written by Kylie

Assistant Manager/Actor:
Sloan never fails to keep the building bright with her humor and jokes, but don't let that fool you. She has the behavioral health know how to figure out just how to help gamer's and the team to get them on the right track. She can go toe to toe against Bigfoot and aliens with her sass alone. One of her favorite past times, aside from watching anime and funny videos, is poking fun at the GM with dumb sayings to get the same question in return every time: What does that even mean?!?! (Written by Stella)

Ve – Ve is a relatively new addition to the Trapped Columbus Family, however, she has lots of experience in escape rooms and exhibits across Ohio! If you catch her outside of a room she is hilarious, outgoing, and in her words ‘cool, awesome, and pretty neat’. You can come by and catch Ve in any of our rooms here at Trapped Columbus! See ya soon! Written by Brad

General Manager/Actor:

Stella  is a very kind old quiet soul who will step out of her shell when it comes to preforming dances on stage at a con event or in the room transforming into a character. She has a background in forensics and knows how to get the gamer's excited before entering a room with her corny but funny jokes. she is somewhat gullible and easy to pick on in a friendly way. When your down in the dumps she a good listener and also is very witty with her advice. she wears many hats around Trapped EBW and is very dependable. Her child-like smile will get you every time. (Written by Sloan)


Ellie - Ellie is currently pursuing a degree in art.  She brings humor and enjoyment to the entire team.  Ellie and Sloan "go at it" sometimes in a playful manner in regards to ...who has more "sass".  Come visit Ellie in our "BURIED" room and some of our Corporate events! ​Written by Stella


That brings you Escape by Wits


Kylie - Kylie brings a double whammy of sassy humor and seven years of theater experience to the Trapped team. She never backs down from a challenge and is a master of cryptic hints. When not watching movies, Kylie enjoys both cosplay and listening to audiobooks. Come say hi to Kylie!  Written by Laurel

Sales/Corporate Operations Director:
Jim is a veteran of the United States Airforce.  His passion and charisma by far exceed that of a normal person and his drive is making people enjoy themselves.  Jim is the point of contact for all private events or corporate team building.  Written by Robert

Robert is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  His idea’s and philosophy on placing gamers in a situational themed room and allow them the chance to set aside all their personal needs at that one moment and take a glimpse into a world of mystery, excitement, humor, and fun!  Robert’s concept behind Escape by WiTS is to create an environment that will allow gamers to escape by walking in the shoes of the room it is themed after.  “I want the gamers to be able to experience, if for one moment, an opportunity to see what life is like from a different perspective.  What better way to show the gamers what that’s like, than to put the them in a controlled environment to experience it?”.  Robert created the M.E.E aspect of escape rooms.  A Mixed Educational Experience.