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Brad – Brad is an aspiring teacher who wants to bring fun and humor to the stage.  Whether it be the “dorky” way he talks in his troop leader costumer or… his troop leader costume, he will surely put a smile on your face

Assistant Manager/Actor:
Sloan is… Sloan.  No words can explain Sloan, she is amazing in all aspects of life!  Her excitement and humor set her apart.  Sloan has studied and is aware of behavioral health and knows how to get people just in the right mood for the right part.  Sloan’s ambition and excitement makes her an ideal candidate to help move Escape by WiTS in the right direction, continuously!  Come say what’s up to Sloan!   

Vee – Vee brings experience that most of us have not seen unless we’ve escaped in another state.  She comes from a location that did not have actors but by the way she puts a show on for the gamers, you’d think she’s done this her entire life.  Come say what’s up to Vee!

General Manager/Actor:
Stella is an amazing cosplay actor who has so much passion for what she does; from creating her own outfits for cosplay conventions to coming up with and building exquisite escapes.  Her ideas will continue to help Escape by WiTS grow and strive for that top spot! Come say what’s up to Stella!


That brings you Escape by Wits

Sales/Corporate Operations Director:
Jim is a veteran of the United States Airforce.  His passion and charisma by far exceed that of a normal person and his drive is making people enjoy themselves.  Jim is the point of contact for all private events or corporate team building.

Robert is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  His idea’s and philosophy on placing gamers in a situational themed room and allow them the chance to set aside all their personal needs at that one moment and take a glimpse into a world of mystery, excitement, humor, and fun!  Robert’s concept behind Escape by WiTS is to create an environment that will allow gamers to escape by walking in the shoes of the room it is themed after.  “I want the gamers to be able to experience, if for one moment, an opportunity to see what life is like from a different perspective.  What better way to show the gamers what that’s like, than to put the them in a controlled environment to experience it?”

Assistant Manager/Actor:
Ben’s humor is different than the others.  He can make you laugh without saying a word… and it’s authentic.  I haven’t seen anyone “fake laugh” around this guy because there is no need to.  He is a genuine actor and stand-up guy.  Ben’s passion is working with animals, …maybe we can get him to work with bigfoot?  Come say what’s up to Ben!

Luz De La Luna – Young and very ambitious!  Her excitement, character, and skills will brighten any room.  Don’t get her mad though, she’ll start talking faster than one can fathom!  Come say what’s up to her!