Trapped Columbus, 2019  |  All Rights Reserved

Decades after the initial outbreak, your numbers are dwindling and this laboratory holds the key to your survival - Can you get in, and get out in time?

Missing cases across Ohio are starting to show alarmingly similar methods of dispatch, causing some to believe it's the work of one killer. Dr. Perkins, the world's leading serial killer expert has invited you to dinner to discuss information he has found

4310 North High Street 
In Clintonville between 
​Cooke and Henderson


Trapped Columbus is the only interactive theater specializing in Escape Rooms in Columbus - and the only location to feature three truly immersive escapes! Locked in a room with a group of friends and strangers, can you use your wits and your teams collective knowledge to escape? And we offer mobiles for your home or office!

On the final hike of the season, you and your fellow Happy Campers are on your way to Old Man Wilson’s cabin for a night of fun and ghost stories. However, when you arrive, you find out that Old Man Wilson wasn’t as crazy as they say and Bigfoot might, in fact, be real. Now he’s missing, and Bigfoot is at the door. Our newest escape room awaits!